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Week view: If the text to display by default in the title (e.g. dow, month, year) exceeds the view length, use short names for day of week, month, year, etc


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Device: Otoro

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1. Go to a week with November and December crossing over in the same week view (example: November and December 2012)


I'd expect that if we run out of space on screen, that we would do short-hand naming for the months rather than the full name to be able to get the core information on screen (what months and what year(s)).


...mber December 2012 is seen as the title. Definitely not blocker worthy, but we could polish this up a bit.
Keywords: polish
I like the approach of using the short month names when we need to display two months.
This might also make enough room to display both years when in December.
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Oh btw - I should note another case this could happen is that long day of the week + month + day. I should probably generalize this to "if you run out of the text on the title, use short-names instead for days of week, months, etc"
Summary: Week view: Text is too much cut off in month title with November and December 2012 being the current week in view → Week view: If the text to display by default in the title (e.g. dow, month, year) exceeds the view length, use short names for day of week, month, year, etc
Duplicate of this bug: 813916
I have created two versions that fix this problem. 

The first one actually measures the width of the text and uses a shorter date notation if it becomes too wide. This adresses the case mentioned comment 2 as well. This patch can be found here, it is a bit longer because of the function for measuring the width:

The second version takes the simpler route of always shortening the month names if two months are involved in a week view. This patch can be found here:

If you want me to, I can attach the diffs as patches, but maybe that's not necessary, I'm not sure what the proper etiquette is. Maybe you can let me know which one you prefer and I'll attach it here or open a pull request on github or both.
(In reply to James Lal [:lightsofapollo] from comment #1)
> I like the approach of using the short month names when we need to display
> two months.
> This might also make enough room to display both years when in December.

I think this makes sense.
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I think this should block, we needed to remove my band-aid that let us actually see the current month by using
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... a quick hack (direction: rtl) to cut off the previous month. There is a platform bug that causes this to permanently truncate text so we needed to remove it otherwise the entire title would disappear.

Now we have a similar situation where its possible the current month becomes unreadable because of the size of text. In English this is fairly bad but I suspect its much worse in other locales. We already have a mostly complete patch for this (eikes++) but we should bring it to completion.
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Keywords: polish
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Target Milestone: --- → B2G C3 (12dec-1jan)
I just  wanted to say, that I'm still willing to improve and document my code. Just let me know what the requirements are and I think I'll be able to create another patch fairly quickly. 

If you want the title.clientWidth cached, I'll do it, it's easy enough, even though I doubt it'll make any difference performance wise.
Personally, I wouldn't block on this given the level of severity we upped the blocking call too, but I'd track it.

It's certainly a usability issue that could happen, but I don't think I'd hold the release on it.
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:) Great,

Lets skip the caching for now... Its fairly easy to see the performance difference (if any). The only thing that blocks this is some unit tests ( The text should be English by default in all tests which should make this fairly easy I think.

I will assign you. Please reach out to me if you need help.
Assignee: jlal → Eike.send
blocking-basecamp: ? → -
I just added two unit tests to the pull request. Please let me know if they are sufficient, I found them to be meaningful enough.
Attached image Dec-Jan Overlap 4-23-13
This issue is worse on the Leo device. Overlapping of the + button will occur instead of ellipses. Updated screenshot has been attached. 

Leo Build ID: 20130411070205
Environmental  Variables:
Kernel Date: Mar 15
Gaia: e7e338a765e22334b40ced41489a785941382c66
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James, did Eike's update in January receive any feedback?
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I dropped the ball here... The patch no longer applies but the logic is sound and I can rework it to apply. Reassigning to myself for cleanup.
Assignee: Eike.send → jlal
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Pointer to Github pull request:

Sorry for the delay. I'm concerned about the heavy javascript performance impact of getTextWidth() in this patch.

I would prefer a CSS based approach, or ideally only showing a single month in the header.
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my goal here was to clean up the existing patch with the r- we need to rethink our approach so I am going to unassign myself from this for the moment...
Assignee: jlal → nobody
This issue seems to affect all 1.2 shipping locales.

I'm seeing the same issue occurring in  Catalan/Català, Czech/Čeština, Greek/ελληνικά, Croatian/Hrvatski, Hungarian/Magyar, Italian/Italiano, Dutch/Nederlands, Polish/Polski, Russian/Русский, and Slovak/Slovenčina.

Also, truncation can appear in the day view if the month/day/date combo is particularly long.

Will the fix being discussed solve the issue for all languages? Or is this an issue for the localisers or UI teams? And if so, should seperate issues be filed for each language?

This was found on the latest Buri 1.2 Com Build:

Gaia   1fd315337d8ae891c3024e4c682c4c50797ea40e
SourceStamp d585fe28cd55
BuildID 20131021004006
Version 26.0a2
Keywords: l12y
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Blocks: 928174
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Assignee: nobody → mmedeiros
Target Milestone: --- → 1.3 C3/1.4 S3(31jan)
Attached file pull request #2
I took a simpler approach for the date handling which I think will have less performance impact. By using the short form of the months ("Dec", "Jan"...) we can also fit the year of both months - which works better for the edge case of "Dec 2013 Jan 2014".

I added an integration test that checks if the content is overflowing, so it should avoid regressions in the future. (at least for English).

PS: it will require updates to all locale files (I already did it for the ones we have on the repository).
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pull request #2

LGTM. I left a few nits on GH, but in general this is great :)
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Depends on: 916411
the visual refresh for v1.4+ will use the abbreviated style that I suggested on my PR. Just added the Bug 916411 as a blocker since it fixes intermittent build failures on travis-ci. I also updated the pull request (rebased, changed based on Gareth comments and fixed jshint errors).
merged into master
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