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JS tests in Marionette are broken on TBPL


(Remote Protocol :: Marionette, defect)

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(firefox18 fixed, firefox19 fixed)

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firefox18 --- fixed
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This is due to my patch in bug 802807.  That patch breaks JS tests for desktop Firefox, since it attempts to wait for isSystemMessageListenerReady() even when not running on B2G, and it breaks emulator JS tests on TBPL, because that event is not fired after updating gecko in the emulator.
This patch fixes the problem by only waiting for this even on emulator startup.  Thus, it won't affect non-B2G tests, it won't affect tests that run on an already-running B2G device, and it won't break due to the fact that the message it listens for doesn't get fired after updating gecko in the emulator.

It also doesn't fail if the 30s timeout elapses; we just assume then that the even never got fired and continue anyway.  I _think_ this should take care of all the potential use cases.
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Only wait for system-message-listener-ready on emulator startup,

makes sense... I'd add a comment about why we're doing this in the code though, since it's not very obvious.
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