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Only dereference the cookie value if it is not undefined


(Firefox Graveyard :: SocialAPI, defect)

Not set


(firefox17 fixed, firefox18 fixed)

Firefox 19
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firefox17 --- fixed
firefox18 --- fixed


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At we should only dereference the |value| variable if it is not undefined.

Using destructuring assignment, if the string doesn't contain an "=" character, then the |value| variable will have undefined.

This bug was fixed by the patch for bug 787767 on mozilla-central(19), so this patch is only designed for uplift to mozilla-aurora(18) and mozilla-beta(17).

On requesting uplift:
This is a minor code change that will only affect the Social API. This has been tested locally and is under test on mozilla-central. There are no expected regressions with this change and there are no string changes either.
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Should this have a test?
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Tagging [qa-] as it appears the change here is low risk and doesn't need QA verification. Jared, please remove [qa-] and add the verifyme keyword if there's something you want tested here.
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