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Steps to reproduce:

I wanted to see whether advanced OpenType font features are supported in Firefox. I went to the following address which enables to turn on and off typographical features:

Actual results:

Firefox on Mac OS X 10.6: works perfectly
Firefox 16.0.1 on Ubuntu Linux 12.04 (installed from package manager): the text appears in the right fonts, but nothing changes when enabling the advanced OpenType features.

Expected results:

The rendering of that page on Linux should have looked the same as on the Mac.
This may depend on the feature set of fontconfig. As I recall many distros ship with a reduced functionality due to patent/licensing issues.
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Does it really work in Firefox on OS X? Doesn't seem to for me (although I recall some of those examples working in the past; I think the pages have been changed.)

It looks to me like those Microsoft pages aren't currently applying the appropriate CSS properties to select font features in Firefox; all I see (regardless of the features selected) is "-moz-font-feature-settings: normal", which won't do anything interesting.

There are a few (very simple) examples at that you could try, to check that features are actually working.
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