createbox extension not working on intranet.m.o?



6 years ago
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6 years ago
I have a page on the intranet:

It used to show an HTML form that allowed you to create a new meeting page. Now it shows nothing. view-source on the regular page doesn't show the "New Meeting" content, however if you edit the page and preview your changes, view-source shows:

buttonlabel=New Meeting
default={{#time: Y-m-d | {{#time: Y-m-d|-1 day}} next Tuesday}}
preload=Build:Release_Post_Mortem:{{#time: Y-m-d | last Tuesday}}


6 years ago
Assignee: server-ops-webops → jcrowe

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6 years ago
This seems to be an issue with the cavendish skin after migrating to servers with php 5.3.3.

This will require developer resources to fix, in other words a developer to take the lead on maintaining custom skins for our mediawiki sites. This is indicative of a larger issue here where we have a bunch of old sites that have no maintainers, but that does not help here I know.

Basically when I enable debugging (on the dev site) it borkes when trying to load the acMakeBox (line 93) function from the CreateBox extension[1]. Errors follow:

Header errors:
Strict Standards: Declaration of FCKeditorParserWrapper::internalParse() should be compatible with that of Parser::internalParse() in /data/www/ on line 36
Strict Standards: Declaration of FCKeditorParser::makeImage() should be compatible with that of FCKeditorParserWrapper::makeImage() in /data/www/ on line 707
Strict Standards: Declaration of FCKeditorParser::parse() should be compatible with that of FCKeditorParserWrapper::parse() in /data/www/ on line 707
Strict Standards: Declaration of FCKeditorParser::formatHeadings() should be compatible with that of Parser::formatHeadings() in /data/www/ on line 707
Strict Standards: Declaration of SkinCavendish::initPage() should be compatible with that of Skin::initPage() in /data/www/ on line 25
Warning: Parameter 3 to acMakeBox() expected to be a reference, value given in /data/www/ on line 3333

Body Errors:
Notice: Undefined index: body_ondblclick in /data/www/ on line 68
Notice: Undefined index: nsclass in /data/www/ on line 69

Assignee: jcrowe → server-ops-webops
Whiteboard: [pending triage]

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5 years ago doesn't have a component in the "Websites" product, so I'm dropping this into :: Webdev. Nothing IT/WebOps can do on this... needs webdev resources to fix.
Assignee: server-ops-webops → nobody
Component: Server Operations: Web Operations → Webdev
Whiteboard: [pending triage]


5 years ago
Component: Webdev → Other
Product: → Websites
The same problem happened on wiki pages( too. It's showing plain text now.

<createbox> align=left type=create preload=TPE-Layout/2016-0-0&action=submit default=2017-10-31 prefix=TPE-Layout/ </createbox>
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