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Move Close away from save as and near open.


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Windows 2000
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from bug 65121 {windows only}
------- Additional Comments From  2001-05-13 00:46 -------
If Close can't be put down with Exit, I think it should be put above the
separator, at the bottom of section that contains New and Open, not together
with Save As.

Putting it at the bottom of the section would be a little bit more noticeable 
since user would expect it to be "at the bottom".

That is the way it is done in MS Word 2000 - another example of SDI application
that has both Close and Exit in it's File menu.
Microsoft doesn't have UI guidelines about where to put the `Close' item, 
except that they say to put it at the bottom if you don't have an `Exit' item 
(which is what bug 65121 is about).

Apple does have UI guidelines about where to put the `Close' item, and they say 
to put it exactly where we're putting it now.
We are talking Windows here, not Mac.

Under Windows, the current position of Close is totally awkward.
I think it's either should be moved where it is placed in the Microsoft
applications - away from Save, over to New and Open.
Put it right above Exit - just like in Netscape 4.

I think latter is the best choice because:
1. More intuitive to user.
2. IE users won't be making the mistake of quitting whole app, when they want to
close just one window, and won't be losing data.
3. It is familiar to Netscape users. It is what they are used to and what they

We are talking Windows here.
Even if Microsoft doesn't have any guidelines about this, I think we should do
what is best for user comfort on this platform, not what is a guideline on
another platform.
However, on mac, we should keep it where it is and NOT violate any 
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Keywords: 4xp, dataloss, pp
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this is not a dataloss bug. WONTFIX.
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