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Unify the weak maps for pause and thread-lifetime actors


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Now that upgrading a pause-lifetime actor to a thread-lifetime one does not alter its ID, we can unify the weak maps we use to retrieve the actors.
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WIP. Breaks a few tests.
I no longer have the time to work on this.
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Logan this looks like a nice win, what do you think?
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the code has shifted, but this still looks relevant.
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TBH, I don't really know this precise code.

But generally, note that manually managed ActorPool might be simplified if we convert the actor to protocol.js Actor.
Actor are pools and you can register the child actors to the base actor, if the child actor lifetime is the same than the base actor. Otherwise, you still need a dedicated ActorPool, so that you can destroy the pool individually and keep the base actor alive.

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Also not that familiar, but this does seem reasonable from what I've seen.

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