Double Events in Thunderbird/Lightning when using shared Calendars through CalDAV with Tine Groupware



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Steps to reproduce:

We use Tine Groupware as centralized Calendar System.

It is possible to access the Tine Groupware Calendar through the CalDAV Protocol with the Thunderbird Lightning Addon.

Actual results:

I Have bound in my Personal and one Groupcalendar (IT-Groupcalendar) through CalDAV in Thunderbird/Lightning.

If anyone is creating a new event in a Group- or Sharedcalendar (e.g. IT-Division shared calendar) and adds me as participant, i got this same event shown two times in lightning.

This is because i also bound in my personal calendar through caldav and when someone adds me as participant in a shared calendar, the same event is also visible through my personal calendar.

Expected results:

If I have the same event in two CalDAV accessed Calendars, this event should be shown only one time.

Or at least an Option to choose in which calendar same events are shown would be nice.

The developers of Tine Groupware said this Issue is Lightning related ?

I have added a Picture as Attachment to visualize this issue.

The Tine Groupware Developer Site is at
The same issue is described by me at their mantis bug system at

Hope you can help me, than having the same Events shown multiple times is really annoying.
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