Need a VM to run remora db ( copy ) metrics scripts, possibly other Jetpack-related jobs



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5 years ago
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(Reporter: canuckistani, Assigned: cyliang)



Distro: prefer Ubuntu
Memory: 1024M
CPU count: 2
Disk size: 20GB
Project name: Jetpack
Project owner:
Needs https access from the internet: Yes
Need other ports besides 80/https: NO
Needs a DNS domain name: NO
Good to know what installed services you'll be running:
* nginx, python, node.js / express, redis, regular cron scripts
Does the project have a home page explaining what it is?


5 years ago
Assignee: server-ops-labs → cliang

Comment 1

5 years ago
I've created the VM, which is accessible via either the Mozilla office networks or the VPN.  You should have root access to this server. 

Once things are set up on this server, please open a separate bug to have a public (Internet accessible) name pointed to this VM.

I went with the name "jetpack-utils" since it sounded like you might be running a variety of different Jetpack related utility services on this machine.  If the name is problematic, please let me know (since the name can be changed).
Last Resolved: 5 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Nope that sounds perfect, thanks!

One question - how do I authenticate? For example:

jeff@aer ~> ssh
Permission denied (publickey).
jeff@aer ~> ssh
Permission denied (publickey).

If it helps, my ssh public key is:

ssh-rsa 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 jeff@aer.local

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5 years ago
The VM is using your LDAP credentials, so try 'ssh'.  When you're prompted for a password, use whatever one is usually associated with
Ah - thanks, it does make sense that it would use my ldap username. The problem I have no is that I don't get a password prompt, just 'Permission denied (publickey).'. Perhaps the sshd config is set to only allow public key auth?
forget I said anything - works now, I think my shell was acting odd.
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