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[he] translate Mozilla Annual Report for 2011 ("State of Mozilla")


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The Mozilla annual report, called State of Mozilla, will be public on November 11. If your translation, is ready for this date, it will be published and promoted simultaneously as English, but since does continuous deployment, we can of course push your translation whenever it is ready of course.

This year the report is on 2 pages but longer pages than last year.

The pages on the staging site is there:

Note that the pages design is not final but the text content is, so you will probably see visual changes to this page before it becomes public.

There are videos linked but they are not available, as soon as we have them, we will probably use the Universal Subtitles service to translate them.

There are 2 lang files to translate:

As usual, send these translation directly on svn or attach the files to this bug and I will send them myself. Use a pure text editor and make sure the file is saved in UTF8

If you see visual issues for your locale (bad fonts, overflowing content, margins...), please indicate it in this bug.

There is one string that has two undefined numerals in the same sentence (we don't have the numbers yet) that may cause problem for locales with complex plurals (Breton, Polish...) but should not be a problem for most of the locales, here it is:

Mozillaâs consolidated reported revenue (Mozilla Foundation and all subsidiaries) for 2011 was %(revenue)s million, up approximately %(increase)s percent from 2010.

As soon as we get these numbers, I will spread this information so as that you can adjust your sentence if necessary.

If you have any problem, don't hesitate to ask me!


Could you maybe put in on Pootle or Sumo? Translating in text files is a nightmare, especially for languages written from right to left.
You can talk to dwayne and friedel if you want them to put the file in their tool.
This is good for all languages, not just mine. If you want this document translated to a lot of languages quickly, then you should talk to dwayne and friedel and set it up there. I am very sincerely sorry about sounding so blunt about this, but I just couldn't find any other way to put it: The translators' job is to translate - not to play with text files, diffs and version control systems and not to chase translation tools maintainers. I'm just saying out loud what most other quietly suffering Mozilla translators think.
Depends on: 746930
Amir, I have been working on litterally hundreds of Mozilla projects both as a volunteer and as an employee over the last 10 years. All, and I say *all*, of the projects that had the highest number of translations done in a very short time were done through our svn server and text files. I know that some localizers like you prefer online translation and thats also why we provides tons of projects on Verbatim for those localizers, usually with much longer deadlines because they are slower to setup. But please don't take your personal preferences as the absolute truth, the mozilla l10n comunity is extremely diverse and not all think like you and not all processes fit the tasks and schedules. This is why we have wiki translation, text based translations, online translation... Sorry if I also sound blunt, but I am both a localizer for mozilla and an l10n-driver and that also gives me some hindsight :)
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