TB 16 displays wrong mail size in size column



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Steps to reproduce:

Reproduce: TB 16 on Windows 7 64bit, no addons, add "size" column to the display options. Use an IMAP mail account. (local folder is not affected, pop3 not tested)
TB 16 on linux seems not affected.

Actual results:

The size of a new mail with attachment is initially displayed correctly, until you click on it:   then it displays a wrong (too small) size. Sorting gets messed up if you sort by size. 
If you repair the folder index (msf) the size column disappears. If you re-enable size column, the mail size is again displayed correctly, but again, if you click on it it gets wrong. If you move the mail to a different folder, it is first displayed correctly until you click it.
This is independant of: 
 display mode like images inline or plain text.
 Safe mode
 Local sync enabled for the folder

Expected results:

message size should not change after clicking on the message.
The size column should always display the size of the complete message, like it is with TB 16 under Ubuntu, which i tested.
Does rebuilding the folder helps ?

Comment 2

6 years ago
"repair folder" function, which you get if you look to the folder properties dialog does not help permanently. After this repair, the fist view on the mail is ok until you click on it, then it is broken again.


6 years ago
Component: Untriaged → Folder and Message Lists
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