IPv6 some parts of Mozilla service don't work over IPv6 tunnel



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IPv6 Hurricane Electric setup script

When having computer connected to IPv6 via tunnel by Hurrican Electric (see the attached setup script run through NetworkManager script) various services (especially all POST commands) stopped working.

- it was not possible to login to BMO ... after either going through Persona ID login or using normal login/password combination I've got "The connection was reset" error
- upload of new version of extension (e.g., on https://addons.mozilla.org/cs/developers/addon/deduplicate-tabs/versions#version-upload) stalls. There is no error anywhere, but after downloading either 0% or 8% (not more) of the extension, there is no more progress.

When the IPv6 tunnel is removed, everything works flawlessly.
Not Services; over the wall wi' ye!
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CC'ing a couple relevant folks for AMO... oremj / clouserw, any ideas on why new addon uploads would not work over IPv6? Perhaps something in the app expects a v4 address and is confused otherwise?

I tested the BMO login issue with my Hurricane Electric tunnel up and running, and I can log in just fine using either Persona or the normal login system. It's been a while since you filed this bug (sorry), perhaps something has changed that I'm not aware of... is this working for you now? If not, would it be possible for you to include a tcpdump of the exchange?

justdave: any thoughts on BMO + IPv6?

PS: I use that add-on myself... love it, thanks!
I have IPv6 at home, and things seem to be working fine for me, and I do appear to be using IPv6 to reach it.
I see your setup script doesn't set an MTU size for the tunnel...  offen when you're using a tunnel, there is a little bit of packet overhead related to the tunnel encapsulation, and you need to substract that overhead off the MTU size of the packets you'll be sending through it.  Linux by default uses 1500 for the MTU.  Depending on the type of tunneling you're using, you probably need to set it to either 1492 or 1480 on the tunnel interface.

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5 years ago
I think there was something wrong with my IPv6 tunnel setup. This default Hurrican Electric setup script doesn’t work correctly over NATed IPv4 connection. I have switched to SixXS and aiccu, and now everything works smoothly.

Sorry, for bothering you.
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