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Aggregate feeds from installed providers


(Firefox Graveyard :: SocialAPI, enhancement)

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The ability to view feeds from multiple providers in one view (sorted by date) would be very useful and compelling to me.  This would make bring value greater than the sum of the individual feeds IMO and we're in a good position to do this.

There are already some data formats, such as Activity Streams[1] among others, using ATOM or JSON in use on the web that we could support.

Building ui around provider APIs and aggregating is explicitly out of scope for the socialapi itself for a number of reasons.  However, a social provider could be an aggregator, we could even build one ourselves if it were to become a feature goal.  

I would prefer we simply follow projects that are part of the W3C federated social network group, and lend a hand to implementing providers that support those protocols, which activity streams is one of.
As per Shane's comments, our model is that a single provider gets to control the UI for the portions of the window they own - there is no scope for aggregation in the api itself, but this could be solved by adding a new provider that perform such aggregation (and even then, the control of the UI remains with that provider)
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