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Failure to sync complete history after reset




6 years ago
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6 years ago
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Steps to reproduce:

I have several years of history in Firefox.  I wanted to change servers, so I reset sync status and connected to a new server, with the option to replace data on all other devices with the data on this device.

I have tried this with both my own Weave Minimal Server, and with the official Mozilla server.

Actual results:

The sync happened, and most of my user data went across, but only the most recent history (about a month's worth) was synced.

Expected results:

I expected my entire history to sync, so that the new server's contents would be identical to what's in my browser.
It's not a design goal for Sync to transfer all of your history. 

(It would be space-prohibitive, for one thing: my places.sqlite is 60MB, and that's ignoring serialization and encryption overhead.)

We give each user a 25MB quota, which also has to accommodate their other data. We expire unchanged history items on the server after 60 days. The server is not the canonical source of data; your browser is. The server is a whiteboard for clients to talk to each other.

Each Sync client only downloads 5,000 history items. The goal is to make your other Firefoxes pretty close to each other; your most 'frecent' history will all be present. Over time they will converge.

(Note that Firefox will itself discard history if it needs to.)

If you want to transfer all of your history, you should be working with places.sqlite.

I'm going to close this bug as WONTFIX. Thanks for the report!
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22 days ago
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