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ShapedButton drawing steals frames from the tabs animation


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I noticed that several frames at the beginning of the tabs tray animation are dropped because of the custom drawing code in ShapedButton. Need to profile and find out where ShapedButton is being slow here.
I found that onMeasure() is called many times, and we are unnecessarily create paths when the size doesn't change. I've filed a bug 814224 to work on that. That might help it. But how do I find that frames are dropped?
Depends on: 814224
If you want quickly check that, you can simply print the time (AnimationUtils.currentAnimationTimeMillis()) on each frame in PropertyAnimator. The framerate (time between each draw) should be roughly constant.

Back when I was testing the new PropertyAnimator implementation, I noticed that the first several frames of the animation to open the tabs tray were being dropped. Doesn't happen on the closing animation though.

This might not be related to onMeasure() calls. Maybe it's more about the performance of drawing the pressed state in and out.
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