Calendar become visible after adding or removing event



6 years ago
6 years ago


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Lightning 1.2




6 years ago
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Steps to reproduce:

Calendar become visible after adding or removing event, even if this calendar was invisible before operation.

I have invisible local calendar. I don't want to see events from this calendar with Lightning UI, but want to see corresponding reminders.

Case 1: When reminders window opens, just click "Details" and delete (not dismiss) the event. After this, calendar become visible.

Case 2: Just create an event, set "calendar" field to my hidden calendar and press "Save and Close". Hidden calendar become active after this.

Lightning 1.2.3, TB 10.0.10esr.
This is the expected behavior ans was added on purpose. Too many users complained that they were not able to add events in Lightning. In fact the were just adding the event to a calendar that was configured not to be displayed. Therefore the calendar will be switched to visible if you edit the calendar e.g. by adding an event. If you just modify an event e.g. by dismissing its alarm the calendar will stay not visible.
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