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I'm not entirely sure what this add-on does. It seems to be mostly a replacement for the FVD add-ons hosted on AMO. It's possible that those are automatically uninstalled when this is installed. I haven't tested.

It gets silently installed (bypassing about:newaddon) by the FVD Suite installer, to which users are referred by the FVD add-ons hosted on AMO.

The homepage, keyword URL, default search engine, and new tab page are *supposed* to be overridden, according to the installer, but that seems not to happen. The installer also promises to install the Babylon toolbar which, likewise appears not to happen. Could just be a quirk of my system. ... Ah. Eventually Babylon wound up installed by apparently invoking a Firefox instance with the URL of the XPI, initiating a non-silent install process. The aforementioned URLs got changed before the fact.

It also installs something called Sendori, which seems to be some kind of application that interacts with the browser, but doesn't appear as an add-on.

ID: {9051303c-7e41-4311-a783-d6fe5ef2832d}
I just noticed that, unusually, this add-on sets extensions.autoDisableScopes to 14 (rather than 15) and never reverts it. Most such installers set it to 0 and revert it as soon as the add-on is installed.

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4 years ago
Pavel, this is a pretty old bug, but I need you to verify that your installer no longer does any of these things.
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4 years ago
Hi Jorge and Kris. 
I will show it to our programers. We will respond soon.
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4 years ago
Hi Jorge,

Here is how currently things are in our FVD Suite and in the installer.

FVD Suite is a desktop downloader and it uses FireFox extension which sends downloads into the FVD Siote program. It is installs silently.  Current version of this extension doesn't change home page, search engine and new tab page.

Also, we do not advertise babylon toolbar long ago.

During installation we show promotional ads of programs that we affiliate with. Here are the most that we use:

All of them legal and comply with all legal staff... 

Concerning this comment:

I asked our programer, he said that we do not need to do that.

Please, let me know if I you have questions.

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4 years ago
Sorry for the delay here.

We don't allow add-ons to be silently installed, and you definitely shouldn't do what was mentioned in comment #1. We need you to correct this in your installer ASAP, if you haven't done so already.

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4 years ago
Hi Jorge,

From this post  currently in our software there is silent installation of our extension which is related to our software and doesn't change Search Engine. 

This topic almost one year ago. After that we did changes. Currently there is no direct links in the extension (which is listed on to our software. We advertize it on our website only. Same type of software could be on this page if I add Google Ad-sense with their ads and I won't be able to control owners of these software.

Do we still break you policy?

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4 years ago
Silently installing an extension from an installer is a violation of the Add-on Guidelines ( and makes the add-on qualify for blocklisting. Those guidelines were written specifically for add-ons that are distributed outside of AMO, and apply for all add-ons.

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4 years ago
ok. we will remove this extension from the installer, but we need some time to do that. I will let you know when it's done.

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