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Steps to reproduce:

I tried to move my Thunderbird 16.02 e-mail to iCloud. During this process I accidentally moved my Local Folder to iCloud too. When I discovered my mistake
I created a new iCloud folder called iCloud Storage and moved the contents of the Local Folder into this new folder. All went well up to this stage however when I now wanted to delete the Local Folder in iCloud I cannot do so. I tried moving this emtpy Local Folder to the trash folder in iCloud, now I have an empty Local Folder in the cloud as well as an empty Local Folder in the trash in the cloud. I am unable to delete these folders in the cloud. This makes Thunderbird useless for me as a consequence of which I moved to OS X mail where these unwanted directories are not shown. Until there is a solution to this problem Thunderbird is unusable for me and has been disabled in all my machines. Hoping there is a solution to this problem because the longer I use OS X mail the more attractive it becomes therefore reverting back to Thunderbird may just not be an option anymore.
To be honest, despite your detailed write up, your precise steps of what you did *in Thunderbird* and what you did *outside of Thunderbird* are unclear to me.

I do not know what is special about iCloud, but with regard to thunderbird, your process should have been to set the entire profile, or the Local Folders location to be in iCloud, then with Thunderbird shut down you would copy the contents of Local Folders from your original location into Local Folders directory on iCloud. 

But I suspect by now you have either resolved the issue by now, or moved on. No?
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Resolved per whiteboard
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