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Create a firefox desktop shortcut on the start screen


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Windows 8.1
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<Asa> gang: is it possible to create a metro tile for classic Firefox? 
<Asa> I'd like to be able to search all apps and pin classic Firefox to my start screen even when Firefox is my Metro browser
<Asa> I can have start screen launchers for all of my other desktop apps
<Asa> but apparently not for my MSEDBs
<KWierso|Home> Asa: go to program files (x86)\Nightly
<KWierso|Home> rightclick firefox.exe
<KWierso|Home> choose pin to start?
<KWierso|Home> that gets me a traditional desktop Firefox icon on the start screen
<Asa> ahh. thanks. I think we should show up in All Apps list as well
<Asa> "Firefox" and "Firefox Desktop" or something like that.
<Asa> as it stands, I can't winkey + "fire..." to launch destop Firefox like I can other desktop apps
As I understand it Asa wants the Metro browser as the normal tile, and then an addition tile for desktop Firefox.

So there are a couple different approaches here:
1. Create a secondary lnk file with a different name with no appuserid on the lnk file.
2. Use the Metro secondary tile api to create a secondary desktop tile

I don't like either approach because if you change your default browser, you'd then have 2 desktop Firefox tiles. 

I think if we limit the creation of a "Firefox Desktop" tile to when we set ourselves as the metro default it'd be ok.

We could be smart about this by trying to maintain one tile when we are not the metro default and two when we are, maybe through a launch check we perform in either browser.
I don't think the secondary tile API is available to a non metro application but we can check. So if it's not we'd have to go with 2 lnk files. 

We could check on startup if we're not the default then remove it, but the user would have 2 tiles until they launched desktop firefox at least once after removing the default.
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Moving this out to a later release.
We could try playing with this lnk property value:

To see if it would help this problem.
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