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chanserv messages to not alert


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Windows 7
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(Reporter: dynvec, Assigned: rginda)


I'm not sure if there's a generic term for this but on Freenode, on a few channels I keep getting messages from the network just after I (re)join a channel ; ie: [21:05]	ChanServ	[] Welcome to the users channel. Developers: join!

I don't mind such messages but what I mind is having the channel tab highlighted (red with the current default theme). Another effect is hearing an alert (chime). I often find myself clicking on the highlighted channel so when I glimpse at Chatzilla once in a while, I can see right away if something of importance occurred.

I'd like for channel onjoin messages (my term) to not cause an alert (tab color + sound). Perhaps there could be a setting for a countdown before events cause an alert after joining a channel.

I'm not sure if the Severity should be trivial or enhancement but chose the former. I can't see a field for Chatzilla details, they're: ChatZilla 0.9.89 [Firefox 16.0.2/20121024073032].
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