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Links to privacy policy and terms of service on WebFwd application do not show full terms


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The WebFwd application has two links that users must agree to before they can submit the form, the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Clicking on either of them will open the respective page in the embedded frame of the webpage.

This embedded frame does not include scrollbars, and it is not obvious to the user that there is more text as part of these notices. Users may agree to these forms without knowing that there is more text to read.

To fix this, we could open these pages as a popup or in a separate tab so users won't lose their data but also have the ability to read the full notice.
Ok. As Jared Wein says we can change the link of the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for opening them into new tab. But "apply form" generated by online generator (Wufoo). Please tell me how can I to login into Wofoo and change this two links.
IRC user "didem" fixed this bug.
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