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6 years ago
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6 years ago
In the gallery app, photos are displayed in fullscreen mode. If I tap on the share icon, I don't see the share menu, but then if I tap on the gallery icon to go back to the list of thumbnails, I see it. So while I'm in fullscreen the menu is hidden, but when I leave it appears.

This is not yet testable, because the share activity is also broken by bug 812975, but once I fix that, you'll be able to confirm this bug.

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6 years ago
I wonder if this is just a z-index issue in the system app?  

cc'ing fabrice and some people who have touched apps/system/js/activities.js recently
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Yes, this is a pure z-index problem and the solution is easy IMO. Just to add one line in apps/system/style/zindex.css
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Created attachment 683447 [details]
PR 6518

A quick fix to promote list menu based UI to on top of fullscreen element.
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PR 6518

Not sure who you are asking for review but r=me.
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(In reply to Tim Guan-tin Chien [:timdream] (MoCo-TPE) from comment #4)
> Comment on attachment 683447 [details]
> PR 6518
> Not sure who you are asking for review but r=me.
I encountered the Bugzilla Update when updating bugs :/ Must be something wrong but anyway thanks!

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6 years ago
Triage team: let's get this marked blocking so we can land it.  The Gallery app cannot share photos without this one-line fix!

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6 years ago
P1 blocker based on comment 6.  gallery app needs to share images.
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6 years ago
Vivien beat me to landing this fix. I've tested this patch and it works for me. (You can't test it on gaia itself; it also requires the patch from https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=812975 in order to verify that it fixes the problem.
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