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Windows 7

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Steps to reproduce:

Normal usage on Windows 7 with MSE protection.

Actual results:

For some time now (over many upgrades) TB stops responding for a number of seconds then begins working again. It is paticularly noticeable when it is opened up afresh (say from a restart rather than awaking from hibernation).

Expected results:

I hoped that it would have been resolved by now but I know for sure that TB has updated itself at least 3 times and, if anything, the pauses are getting longer and more frequent. It seems to need to do something which stops it from inteacting with the user. If I leave it alone for 10 mintes to sort itself out, it behaves properly. But if I try to use it straight away it is a painful exercise.
Duplicate of this bug: 813499
Rob, would you say this happens 99% after waking from sleep or hibernation?
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Comment 3

6 years ago
Hi Wayne, Its really hard to say because after the computer wakes up TB and IE will almost certainly be active programs. I don't always go in TB straight away. So If I use something else for some time then go to TB it work normally. I can try to monitor it over the next week and make a point of going to TB as the first task. But, right now, I would guess that it is frequent but 99% - I would guess 75-80%.
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Rob, what happens if you disable all antivirus SW?

Comment 5

6 years ago
That's not really something I want to try. However, a little more information: I suspect that the "(not respondiong)" suffix in the title bar is probably a Windows feature rather than a TB feature. I believe that Windows prog MsMpEng is slowing the system on certain occasions. I think it is running a system soaking virus check on new downloads. If TB is doing a background update (which might slow it a little anyway) and MsMpEng kicks in aswell it could kill my system. I'll try to get to task manager next time it happens and see if I can spot it happening.
This is often caused by an outside force, and comment 5 points in that direction.
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Whiteboard: [antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE)"
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