firefox doesn't start after the update with nvidia




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Steps to reproduce:

I have updated from the firefox 10.1 version to the firefox 10.2 version.

Actual results:

Firefox doesn't start anymore.

Expected results:

It should start correctly.
Group: core-security
Firefox10.2 ?
We are at 10.0.11 on the Firefox10ESR branch.

Comment 2

6 years ago
This may help others... 

Ref: Windows 7 with Nvidea Drivers and Firefox crashing or not starting
Affects the last few versions of Firefox (about 8 to 10 months or more)... 

After weeks of searching found reference to possible problem with Nvidea and Firefox...
Reinstalled my video drivers and problem solved, that is until I restarted my computer... we were back to square one...

Note, 99% of the time, Firefox would crash on startup or playing videos, it failed to start about 1% of the time...

I decided to reinstall video drivers again, but this time I would not restart the computer, using instead sleep mode... this did the trick for a few more months...

After a recent video update (December/January), I no longer to use safe mode, everything was back to normal, looks like someone fixed the problem...

On the 27th Feb 2013 I received a Windows 7 update and did the usual restart...
After restarting, I ended up with a bigger (but effectively the same problem). Firefox refuses to start no matter what... worked in safe mode, eve tried creating a new profile...

I did noticed my Firefox and Thunderbird desktop icons had defaulted to nondescript windows default icons... something amiss... Last time it was the video driver, let try updating again... 

It worked... as soon as it started, I noticed my desktop icons were correct and Firefox work perfectly...

So if you sue Windows 7 and have an Nvidea card and Firefox has problems... Mike
Hello Michael,

I just saw your bug-report about Firefox 10.
can you give us a short update, because now we are on Firefox 33 and there was many changes in this time.

thank you for all your help.
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needs more info from Michaelo
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Summary: firefox doesn't start after the update → firefox doesn't start after the update with nvidia
Whiteboard: [startupcrash]
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