Some fonts disappear when scrolling with azure enabled in Firefox 17 and later




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Steps to reproduce:

Browse to a site (for example using firefox 17 or later with set to true. Scroll the page up and down. Firefox 17 seems unaffected by this. I only see corruption in 17 on very very rare occasions and the only reproducible I can find is the video manager, analytics, and channel settings buttons that appear at my youtube channel page after I sign in to my account. I am actually seeing the corruption here with Firefox 17 if I put too much text in these boxes to where I have to scroll up and down to see everything. Maybe this has something to do with items scrolled off of the screen?

Actual results:

Some of the text in the links are not completely filled in. Sometimes scrolling some more will return the text and sometimes it won't. Refreshing the page seems to fix it until you scroll the page again. I also notice that changing to another window (thereby making firefox NOT the active window) will restore the fonts also, as well as mousing over them if they are hyperlinks. If they are not hyperlinks, highlighting the text fixes it. Because of this, I cannot take screenshots of the corruption with the snipping tool but can with psr.exe. Also attached is my about:support graphics info. I am on Windows 8 Enterprise x64.

Expected results:

The fonts and links should look the same after you scroll the page. Take a look at steps 8-18 in the screen recorder output. You can see the corruption and the effect of the mouseover of the links at the end. You can also see the left border of the audio video section goes missing. I believe I noticed this for the 1st time somewhere between September 16th and September 26th nightly. I went back to release and figured it would be reported and fixed by someone else. I apologize for that. I should have just reported the bug then instead of waiting. Changing the pref to false fixes the issue.


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6 years ago
I should have mentioned that this is reproducible in firefox 18 and later for me.
Works fine for me on the latest Nightly and on Firefox 18. 

Michael, please can you confirm whether this issue still occurs using Firefox in safe mode or with a new profile?
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6 years ago
No the issue occurs with azure enabled only. Apparently, (and I am not sure how recent this is) my graphics card driver is blacklisted. The issue does not occur with software rendering. What sucks is AMD is not releasing any drivers for my graphics card currently. The last driver was 12.6. Chrome and IE 10 do not have the issue. This makes me believe the bug is with firefox, although I am not a developer, (just an MCSE, MCITP, MCSA, CCNP, etc.) so I am just guessing here. Enable direct2d and azure and see if the issue occurs for you also.
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