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document.cookie is not being set on B2G and we can't access it


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Gonk (Firefox OS)
Not set





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On B2G we can't access document.cookie from the browser and from inside an app.

If I run this and then click on the button then I dont get the alert to appear. 

<!DOCTYPE html>
  <button onclick="cookieInfo()">Cookies!!!!!</button>
document.cookie = "name=foo";
var cookieInfo = function () {
If the alert doesn't show at all, that doesn't mean that document.cookie is empty -- that means that the function is not running at all.
I just tested this in the b2g browser and it works fine for me.
:jlebar is this B2G desktop or is this on a device/emulator? I am currently getting the issue on the emulator and device. Just so I can check that I am on the right revision when did you last update?
I tested on the device itself by hosting the code on my laptop and visiting the site in the B2G browser.  I don't know how to pull the gecko rev off the device, and unfortunately the machine I used to flash the phone is currently inoperable.

I flashed about a week ago.
I will try again on with the latest code
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Putting qawanted to investigate (I'll try to help David out as well).

Noming too - if this is happening, it definitely blocks.
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very weird but it appears to be working now. Sorry for the false alarm
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