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SocialErrorListener also catches errors from XHR


(Firefox Graveyard :: SocialAPI, defect)

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(Reporter: Felipe, Unassigned)


Mark astutely pointed out that the SocialErrorListeners ( that are attached to the content panels also captures errors from XHR done by those pages, a case where the page itself is usually responsible for handling the error conditions.

Should these listeners ignore those errors? what about non-toplevel load errors (like iframes inside the page loading a 404)?

(On the other hand this overeager listener helped find bug 815053)
Felipe, is this bug still valid, or is it obsolete after the recent overhaul of the Social API?
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Let me redirect this to Shane since I don't know if this code still exist or if it was removed in the recent overhaul
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The error listener still exists in social-content.js, it is only used in the share panel now.  I'm not certain it is as over eager as it used to be.
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Actually, haven't seen a problem from this in ages, closing it.
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