Data Safety Review for Marketplace Metrics 2.0 Privacy and Licensing Review



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Initial Questions:

Project/Feature Name: Marketplace Metrics 2.0 Privacy and Licensing Review
Tracking  ID:
The Marketplace is working on a metrics system. We would like to know if it is OK to use data sourced from Google Analytics and ETL'ed elsewhere into Marketplace-owned production servers, and make the data available via reports or tables selectively available to developers and community?

The purpose would be to provide performance information on an app to the developer, general marketplace performance to our community, and specialized report availabe internally to different stakeholders. We would use this information to improve our offerings, and do not plan to have any personally identifiable information used in any way.

This does NOT mean that we open up access to our GA instance to the outside world directly.

We are wondering if
a) this usage complies with our license agreement for GA?
b) whether this usage complies with privacy principles?
Additional Information:
PRD under development, but would like to clear these up first.
Urgency: 2-4 weeks
Current Goal: Yes.  Measureable KPIs for 2013.
Release Date: 2013-02-15
Project Status: active
Mozilla Data: Yes
New or Change: New
Mozilla Project: none
Mozilla Related: Marketplace
Separate Party: Yes

Data Safety Questions:

User Data: Yes
How many involved?: many
How many users do you anticipate to be involved?: many more
Type of Data:
uses persona.  Web logs.  
Data Reason: 
to measure marketplace behavior
Community Benefit:

Data Collection:

Data Retention: 
Data Retention Length: 
Separate Party: 
Separate Party Data Type:

Separate Party Data Communication:

Who are the separate parties?:

Community Visibility and Input: 
Communication Channels:

Public Communication Plan:
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