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I have intuitively pressed the 'to:' button to select the receipant only to
remember I have to hit address button first.  This is an extra step which should
be eliminated.  Simply put it is annoying.

Expected Results:  I press the 'To:' button and I get my address box.

I would adopt the approach Outlook uses having multiple names on one line and
the 'to:' selects address book; this approach is "cleaner" and I know has less
overhead on the UI.

Now for the twist... merge the receipent selection process with the main address
book - create a separate pane and buttons.  For example.... the display card
pane could switch with a To: listing window.

Or: what about adding an address pane like in Star Office; I want to look up
someone I open the pane and my address book is right there with my composition
window *and* the same type of pane in in the address book.

The ultimate goal would be to have the address book as a main jumping point for
functions, like, starting a chat session.  A future whiteboard session?  A
telephone call?  Yes it sounds like MS but hey it works.  

Also there should be selection dialog for newsgroups. Taking the above idea I
would make the 'subscribe' box the jumping point for newsgroups. That is I could
go there select my newsgroups and press a 'post to' button and the composition
is automatically set up.

Here is a broader suggestion look at other designs and well take the best ideas
from them an merge them with mozilla - quit trying to reinvent the shape of the


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16 years ago
Copying a suggestion here from Bug 164930: double-clicking on the little address 
card in the field should open the address book -- currently, that icon does 
nothing but take up space.  Also, there should be a hotkey to open the address 
book when the focus is on one of these fields.

Updating summary to more general wording.

OS for this is probably 'all'.
Summary: [UI] Make To: buttom more intuitive - calls address book directly → UI at To: field to open address book directly
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