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Consider removing "<file>" hack from the permission manager


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Currently, if there is an entry with "<file>" as a host in the permission manager, the expected behaviour is that this will apply for all local files.
With bug 815640, it will only apply to a file that doesn't already have an explicit permission listed.

Using <file> is a security issue (a user can trust certain files but not others) and there is nearly no downside in having this feature removed in favour of per-file permissions except for someone who would test a website locally with heavy permissions usage.
Depends on: 815640
Fix the user interface first, because currently <file> is the only exception type that can be created from the cookie exceptions dialog.  As an example, entering "file:///tmp/test.html" in the dialog will produce an exception for  host "tmp".  Entering "<file>" in the same dialog does at least create a usable exception even if it would be preferable to have separate ones for each path.

A full file URL exception can be set from the dialog that appears to ask about each cookie (assuming that custom privacy setting is configured), although the about:permissions page will mis-report the permissions for that file and will not report any cookies set by it.  I have raised bug 921280 for the about:permissions problem.

Even then it might be wise to leave the hack in place so that existing permissions are not wiped out, or worse yet a repeat of the bug 814554 breakage.  There is no meaningful way to migrate an all-encompassing "<file>" exception to the new regime, but perhaps the dialog could be prevented from creating any more permissions of that type.  Or a stronger form of warning?
Let's drop support for this now that bug 1165263 is being fixed.  Michael has already fixed the UI issue in comment 1.
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Depends on: 1173523
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Part 1: Remove <file> hack from the permission manager

Review of attachment 8623318 [details] [diff] [review]:

(Please hold off landing this patch, all of your permission manager changes should land together, I think.)
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(In reply to Ehsan Akhgari (not reviewing patches, not reading bugmail, needinfo? me!) from comment #6)
> (Please hold off landing this patch, all of your permission manager changes
> should land together, I think.)

Or more precisely, in the next cycle.  :-)
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