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Please audit all postgresql.conf files - compare to what is in puppet


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The stage postgresql.conf file was set to only respond to 'localhost' on port 5432. 

Please audit all postgresql.conf files and bring puppet fully in sync with production!

This is really important to do as soon as possible as troubleshooting the problems that result from incorrectly configured files is terrifying. There are over 300 distinct configuration variables in a postgres instance, and about five different things that contribute to authentication/login errors if set incorrectly. :(
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With the new puppet module, the config files are not picking up the previous files defined for clusters. I'm using the new format to ensure the proper config items with the new layout
After our meeting yesterday and atoll pointing out that the postgresql.conf file being used was the default from the rpm and not the puppet generated one. I have confirmed that puppet is indeed using the correct config files defined for each cluster and while this isn't the long-term preferred solution, the work I did in pulling out each config value will be useful when we migrate to a single default template.

On irc, solarace mentioned there is some duplication in the puppet configs now and I will remove those and retest the puppet generated postgresql.conf files.
All configs are good to go.
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Ignore; meant for bug 817816.
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