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Do we still need nsNodeSH::PostCreatePrototype?


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Not set





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Seems like Node.prototype should have those properties as needed already with the WebIDL bindings, right?  So I think we can nuke this function...
So first problem:  nsIDOMXULDocument does not inherit from nsIDOMDocument.  Which means that the proto chain for XUL documents doesn't actually go through Node, and they're relying on this method (which they get because they _do_ use nsDocumentSH) to make things work.
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part 1.  Make nsIDOMXULDocument inherit from nsIDOMDocument, so that XUL documents end up with Document.prototype and Node.prototype on their proto chain.

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::: content/xul/document/src/nsXULDocument.h
@@ +132,5 @@
>      NS_IMETHOD OnPrototypeLoadDone(bool aResumeWalk);
>      bool OnDocumentParserError();
> +    // nsINode interface overrides
> +    virtual nsresult Clone(nsINodeInfo *aNodeInfo, nsINode **aResult) const;

We could keep MOZ_OVERRIDE here?
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part 2.  Remove no-longer-needed nsNodeSH::PostCreatePrototype.

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Cool, I thought we needed to hook up chrome-only properties but it'll happen automatically because Node is a non-concrete registered new binding interface.
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Put back the MOZ_OVERRIDE.
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