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Create new tab transition (from tab tray)


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Currently, creating a new tab from the tab tray opens the awesomescreen right away. A more deliberate "create new tab" transition could help inform the users of:

* Where the new tab was created
* Hint at how to close tabs without the use of an X button

I'll post a sample animation soon, but generally the transition should consist of three key steps. 

1. Open a gap in the #1 tab position (this would be the top for vertically scrolling tabs, or the far left for horizontally scrolling tabs)
2. Slide a new blank tab thumbnail into this empty spot, along the *same axis* that is used to close tabs. This will help to visually reinforce that tabs scroll along one axis, and be added or removed along the other.
3. Close the tab tray and open the awesomescreen.
I would suggest some kind of affordance to help identify close tabs, or swipe effect.
Let's not take forever to get the UI to change to where I want to go. At some point time sucking animations will annoy users who just want to get things done.

I also worry that we are making animations that don't look good on the majority of devices we support.
I totally agree, whatever we do should happen very quickly. I am wide open as to how we solve it, but our goal here is to provide at least a tiny bit of useful information to our users about where tabs are going, rather than ramming them awkwardly into a completely different context like we do now.

Also remember that we aren't trying to roll our UI transitions across every version of Firefox on Android. We're aware of performance limitations on lower powered devices, or older versions of Android, and we can turn these transitions off for those devices. I believe we are even doing that now for a lot of the tab work that Lucas has been doing. But that shouldn't limit us in pushing our UI responsiveness on devices that have the power and the better animation framework for us to draw from.
Cleaning up a bit. 

This still seems applicable and might be something valuable/worth exploring.

Consolidating these and moving this to block the updated (tabs tray) bug 1194281.
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