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Add a way to do some sort of fastcall from the JIT on i386 and use it for JSJitPropertyOp and JSJitMethodOp




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On 32-bit we end up generating call code like this:

movl       %ecx, 0xc(%esp)
movl       %ebx, 0x8(%esp)
movl       %eax, 0x4(%esp)
movl       %edi, 0x0(%esp)

for a binding getter.  Would be nice if we could pass at least some of those in registers.

Note that this should be done in such a way as to play nice with the setup in bug 817943.

Note that this is only an issue on i386; x86-64 and ARM are already sane.
This partly depends on the DOM getters being marked as fastcall, correct?

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6 years ago
Well, sure, but they're all codegenned, so this would be a pretty trivial change to make.


4 years ago
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