I am unable to use my Gmail while using an anonymous proxy.




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Steps to reproduce:

I switched to an anonymous proxy and tried to access my Gmail while doing so but am unable to do so. This is as of a recent Firefox update. Previous this update I was able to to so with out a problem. Double checked proxy and proxy working correctly.

Actual results:

I got a page with this note "The proxy server is refusing connections."

Expected results:

Should have connected and gained access immediately without a problem.
This does not appear to be a vulnerability that needs to be hidden and we'll have better luck figuring this out if more people can see the bug since there's not much to go on here.

How did you double-check the proxy to ensure that it's working properly? Did you reinstall an older version of Firefox and confirm it still works? Did you try with another browser?

Can you connect to sites other than GMail? Or is it just that one site having the problem?

If older Firefox and other browsers can still connect using this proxy can you tell us which proxy it is so we can investigate it? Or better, since we won't have accounts, if you're technically minded could you capture a network log for us? The simplest way might be to install the add-on "Live HTTP Headers" from https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/live-http-headers/

If that doesn't show the problem we might have to graduate to the more involved https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/HTTP_Logging

Either way your login credentials may show up in the log if you need to log in to the proxy and get that far before it fails. Be prepared to change your password after capturing the log and before attaching any log to this bug.
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5 years ago
Sorry guys, problem fixed. Not sure how to delete this request so just disregard. THANKS!
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