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Isolate JS pseudorandom number generator state per compartment


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Since the Math.random() algorithm is pretty trivial, the PRNG state is stored in JSContext, and contexts are shared across domains, a web page can theoretically observe how many times Math.random has been called in all other domains and even in chrome code.

This side channel is long-known, and it's not terribly sensitive information, but what the heck -- it's silly to be sharing this state, and super easy to fix.

(I believe Mark S. Miller proposed a change to ES6 to require each global to have its own PRNG stream. It isn't in the latest draft.)
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Makes sense.  I would not be opposed if you renamed js_InitRandom to be a JSRuntime:: member of js:: non-member function.
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This bounced because there's Windows-only code in js/src/assembler/jit randomly using random_next, whose signature this patch changes.

Trying again.
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Didn't we fix this twice already, in bug 475585 and bug 577512? :/
Keywords: sec-low
Those fixes were not the same as this one.  We didn't have anything like a compartment to store randomness in until recently, ish.  Those fixes just chose the next best thing.  Admittedly, the summaries/comments there probably didn't make that as clear as they could have.
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