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mozSocial api for browser tab content


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We should inject the navigator.mozSocial APIs into any content loaded from a provider.  This would allow their normal web pages to interact better with the social provider content.

A secondary use would be to always inject mozSocial for whitelisted providers to help with issues presented by bug 785540.  In this case, most of the APIs would need to verify the provider is activated before doing anything.
This is useful for debugging a provider in a tab using our dev tools
Gavin, this patch would be incredibly useful for debugging/development purposes as well as easing some interactions between pages in a tab and social content (e.g. not relying on localStorage flags).  Otherwise, the first case (debugging/development) could be handled with a pref to allow the injection on tab content.  Do you have any opinion here?
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I'm not so comfortable with doing this by default, but putting it behind a hidden pref seems reasonable.
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if social.browser-tabs is true, we'll inject navigator.mozSocial onto provider pages in browser tabs.
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fixed patch and feedback.
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inject mozSocial on any provider content

Review of attachment 755700 [details] [diff] [review]:

I think developers might get in a situation where they flip this pref and forget about it, get things working and don't realize it won't work with the pref off..  But if you think it'll will be more useful than confusing, so be it

::: toolkit/components/social/MozSocialAPI.jsm
@@ +53,5 @@
>                                    .getInterface(Ci.nsIWebNavigation)
>                                    .QueryInterface(Ci.nsIDocShell)
>                                    .chromeEventHandler;
> +    // limit injecting into social panels or same-origin browser tabs if
> +    // social.browser-tabs is enabled

comment needs updating with the new pref name

@@ +57,5 @@
> +    // social.browser-tabs is enabled
> +    let allowTabs = false;
> +    try {
> +      allowTabs = containingBrowser.contentWindow == window &&
> +                    Services.prefs.getBoolPref("social.debug.injectIntoTabs");

align the two lines?

@@ +63,3 @@
>      let origin = containingBrowser.getAttribute("origin");
> +    if (!allowTabs && (!origin || origin != doc.nodePrincipal.origin)) {

attachToWindow already checks the origin
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