Open Bug 820773 Opened 7 years ago

sample script has broken enable/disable handlers


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(Reporter: cuteangel24, Assigned: rginda)


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Build ID: 20121128204232

Steps to reproduce:

I read the FAQ <> about writing scripts, which linked me to <>. I followed this sample script in writing my own script and was able to successfully install and load my new script.

Then I tried to disable my script.

Actual results:

Chatzilla displayed an unhelpful error message: "Unable to disable plugin <foo>".

Expected results:

Chatzilla should have disabled the plugin (or told me what the problem is).

The problem is that the sample script has broken disable/enable handlers: They must return true for Chatzilla to work. They currently return undefined, which makes Chatzilla refuse to do anything with the script (and prints a useless message).

Combined with bug #820770 this means Chatzilla won't unload the broken script. Ever.
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