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FAQ links to outdated version of source code?


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Steps to reproduce:

The FAQ <> links to the Chatzilla source code, e.g. "For a list of default menus in ChatZilla, see <>". I followed that link to find out how "Install Plugin..." is implemented.

Actual results:

I couldn't find "Install Plugin".

Expected results:

I should have found it.

I think that the code shown at <> is not the latest version of Chatzilla.
In reply to comment #0: Indeed, the most recent sources at that URL apparently date from 2009, they are out of date.

In the current source, I see:
menus.js lines 105-121:

    client.menuSpecs["mainmenu:chatzilla"] = {
        label: MSG_MNU_CHATZILLA,
        accesskey: getAccessKeyForMenu('MSG_MNU_CHATZILLA'),
        getContext: getDefaultContext,
         ["-",           {visibleif: NotMac}],
         ["exit",        {visibleif: Win}],
         ["quit",        {visibleif: NotMac + " and " + NotWin}]

That same xul/content directory also contains an install-plugin subdirectory, with files install.plugin.js and install-plugin.xul in it.

The latest ChatZilla source is maintained as a Mercurial repository at

If you have Mercurial installed on your system, you can get a copy of that source by running "hg clone" (without the quotes); later you can keep it up-to-date by running "hg pull" followed by "hg update -r default" (still without the quotes in both cases) in the top directory created by the clone operation.

That repository is also pulled at ./mozilla/extensions/irc/ when you run "python checkout" in a comm-central clone to get the latest sources for SeaMonkey.

See for instance

The en-US menu label for the "Install Plugin..." menu is found at line 448 of file locales/en-US/chrome/ — as follows:

cmd.install-plugin.label  = &Install Plugin…
P.S. Also at line 5 of locales/en-US/chrome/install-plugin.dtd :

<!ENTITY windowtitle                    "Install Plugin…">
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