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ensure we have 6 foopies configured and up to date so we can use them in production for 6 chassis of panda boards


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We are going to be turning on 6 chassis worth of panda boards (66 pandas) and we need to make sure we have foopies to run them!

This might be a dup of bug 802667.
oops, I meant this might be a dup of bug 790339.
Yes we have enough foopies up as per bug 790339, I'll make sure they are updated with the latest version of the tools repo and have the dirs created in the correct location once we have the pandas up in bug 820825
kmoir I wrote this script for setting up the "b2g pandas" that might be useful.
Section #2 in the script will not help until the day that we can use mozpool for the Android slaves.
This script does not setup symlinks to
(In reply to Armen Zambrano G. [:armenzg] from comment #3)
> kmoir I wrote this script ... 

You didn't link it :-P

Kim also had a work-in-progress script in that should work just fine as well ;-)

We do plan on consolidating the scripts eventually and using a single puppet magic for it all, of course.
Oh brain! Why can't you telepathically paste unto a web browser?!
Thanks for the script Armen.  

I think this can be closed, we have foopies 96-101 up for the 66 new pandas
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