Please set up mirroring of Ubuntu 12.04 64bit



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5 years ago
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5 years ago
Since we're going to use Ubuntu as a test platform in the future, it would be great to set up a mirror of packages for Ubuntu 12.04, 64bit-only for now.

Plain rsync may not work since binary files for all supported releases go to the same directory. We may need to use something like debmirror.

It would be also great to have dated snapshots of "dists" sub directory, maybe something like
So, for my notes that's precise.

Do we want to do the same thing we do for CentOS here, and get the updates "frozen" at a particular date?  If so, will we later regret not having snapshotted 32-bit at the same time?
Also, which sections do you need?  Options are main, restricted, universe, and multiverse.

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5 years ago
That's a good question... I'm not quite sure yet. Can we start with main and restricted? Once we have puppet manifests in place I can be more precise about this.
"more precise", haha

Sure, I'll give it a shot and see how big it gets.
OK, I've started this running with debmirror
  -a i386,amd64 --no-source -d precise,precise-security -s main,restricted
into /data/repos/apt/ubuntu

As you see, I'm fetching x86 and amd64.

I figure we can work around the dated directories by just not mirroring non-security updates.  If we come to need one particular package to be updated later on, we can pull it into a custom repo, or mirror precise-updates on that date.

We may come to want universe, too (and who knows, maybe multiverse).  Easy to add later.

I'll see how big this gets tomorrow.
So that's 27G, which puts two of the masters right at the 10% boundary.
I grew the disks on those two masters.

I'll get this documented and a puppet patch put together tomorrow.
Documented, and debmirror is installed with puppet (along with necessary GPG keys).
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