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6 years ago
6 years ago


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6 years ago
In the Android browser, the Songza volume control works - you can tap on it and it brings up the volume slider, which you can then interact with. With B2G's browser, you can't even get the volume slider to pop up at all, let alone adjust it.
How does this site perform on FF Android? How does this site perform with FF Android with the user agent changed to FF OS?
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6 years ago
The volume control works correctly in Firefox Android, even when spoofing the Firefox OS user agent with Phony.
Jason, can you dig into this a bit more?  It's not a UA issue, is it?
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QA Contact: tchung → jsmith
Not a built in app, assuming you can still hear the songs.  Will mark for 1.x.  Should still be QA'ed, if its serious, renom.
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@Joe, I was able to get the slider to appear and it does work.  It was a pain in the butt to try to get the slider to appear granted.  I had to zoom in quite a bit to tap it, and the performance is slow; however the volume does work.  

FYI, the music will shut off when the phone goes to sleep.
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6 years ago
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This issue also reproduces on FF Android. I'm going to guess this is evangelism bug. But I don't think it's worth chasing after (i.e. tracking) given that this is not a top site. Closing as invalid.

There's a separate problem that I'm not hearing any music playing with FF OS, which I'll file separately.
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