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(Reporter: lsblakk, Assigned: marshall_law)


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Assigning this first to Marshall to answer questions on expected behaviour and then this can move to QA for development of the test plan.

* User keeps data disabled, and is always on wi-fi only, how frequently does the update ping occur?  

* User on data plan - do we currently check for updates over data connection? What if a user only enables data for a short time per day and doesn't use wi-fi often?

* User switching between data & wi-fi - do we prioritize one over the other for update pings?

* User is notified about an update when on data and then connects to wi-fi for download - are we 100% sure the update will only be downloaded on wi-fi?

* User is pausing & resuming updates with wi-fi networks being switched or sometimes continuing over data connection

* Third party apps have still been disappearing after an update - we'll need a comprehensive test plan using 'dirty' phones to increase confidence that we are not erasing or moving any user preferences, settings, apps, or data


6 years ago
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Sorry, but this bug isn't quantifiable to block in itself. I also think this should be invalid, given that a bug is definitely not the right avenue to go for tracking this. Testing is tracked elsewhere tracked separately from basecamp in entirely different tracking mechanisms.

If we do want to introduce basecamp+ tracking for testing, then let's open the discussion up on qa-b2g with other relevant parties. But this doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me given the trends we are following for process right now.
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