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User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10.8; rv:20.0) Gecko/20121219 Firefox/20.0
Build ID: 20121219030847

Steps to reproduce:

Go to in Firefox OS browser

Actual results:

A prompt comes up saying you need to update your browser or Flash, and no audio is played.

Expected results:

In theory, Pandora's HTML 5-based audio player should be able work in Firefox OS or Firefox for Android using native codecs, and it shouldn't try to fall back to the Flash player.

Note that on Android, you get redirected to a page prompting you to download the Pandora app from the Google Play store, so this can't easily be reproduced there. On Firefox OS, there's no app so I tried to use the web site itself...
Could someone else who is located in USA, Australia or New Zealand test this one?
Right now, Canada is being blocked for licensing issues.
redirected to

That would be interesting to test is if by setting different user agents we can access the content with HTML5 audio player. 
What will be this agent?
Whiteboard: [country-us]
Karl, see bug 865827 comment 27 and comment 28 for ways around this, although I expect that you will have to pipe your phone through a gateway that is routed to the US. Alternatively, I'll be in MTV next week and can test.
I tested Pandora on my Unagi. I confirm the issue reported in the description. However, adding an UA override produces:

Firefox for Android: Prompt to download Pandora app. No other links on page.
Android: Prompt to download Pandora app. No other links on page.
iPhone 5: Redirect to pandorav2:/ - fail

Unless someone knows that Pandora has an HTML5 mobile app, I think this can be resolved as won't fix.
Asking former colleague that works at Pandora now:
His response, "There's a webapp for TVs/consoles/cars/etc, but for phones/tablets only native afaik." [1].

Will close as WONTFIX.

Right now there is no alternate experience for mobile devices other than native iOS/Android apps.
Closed: 10 years ago
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Oh well... thanks for checking, guys! I'll take it up with Pandora directly then... :)
Please do! Seems like a missed opportunity if they have the infrastructure in place to serve HTML5 audio. :)
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