Thunderbird displays some mails as totally empty (no next, no headers, nothing)



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one of the mails, that seems to be empty in thunderbird.

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Steps to reproduce:

Received new mails from IMAP server.
A) Clicked on it in the list to view the contents below
B) double-clicked it to open it in a new tab
C) forwared it
D) Tried to read it from the IMAP server using Pegasus-IMAP

Actual results:

Some mails can regularyly be read, however for few mails, the content window is completely empty, no headers are displayed in the grey area between the mail list and the "mail content"-area. 
It seems that the mail is totally empty.

A)If i clicked a mail that worked before, its headers are displayed in the grey area that should now show the headers of the newly clicked mail, shows the headers of the mail before. The content-area below is completely white.
A new tab is opened, no headers are displayed on top, the content window is completely white.
C) As soon as I forward them, their contents are displayed within the mail compose window as text, and this is the first time i can read them.
D) Mail can be read just as all other mails.

Expected results:

The mails Should be displayed just as any other mail.

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5 years ago
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another mail that is shown empty by thunderbird

Comment 2

5 years ago
fyi: The bug also exists in Thunderbird 10.0.4 release


5 years ago
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