video fails with Sandberg NightCam 2 usb webcam




6 years ago
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Mac OS X

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6 years ago
the getUserMedia example does not find a Sandberg NightCam 2 usb webcam that is known to connect & work in Opera& Chrome: 

tested using WebRTC Test Landing Page
with FF Nightly latest 20.0a1 (2012-12-08)
on OS X 10.8.2

please advise here or by email if there are any tests to speed resolution

#806384 may be related?
We already resolved this bug as a worksforme since the general cases worked fine. I don't know what we can do here - hardware issues we've hit usually isn't in our code, but is in the core webrtc code. Randell?

Apparently it's also a discontinued product and intends to target Windows primarily:

I don't think bug 806384 is related as that's talking about a linux-specific camera issue that happens on Chrome as well.
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The problem is likely in the OS-specific capture code.  This code is part of the codebase and we're using it, but Chrome is not.  (Opera doesn't use the codebase yet that I know of).  I suspect the problem would occur with the standalone demos for as well.

Adding a (new) hardware-compatibility whiteboard tag to track these.

We may revise our capture code in the next few releases; it's possible when that happens this will start working.  Also, that's the point where we should be re-testing any marked hardware-compatibility bugs.
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4 years ago
I have this problem with two usb webcams. They work with Chromium in HTML5, but they don't with Firefox, including Hello. Camera is shared on the browser but streaming does not happen. On another computer I can use the internal webcam with no problems. I wonder if the problem is usb related or if it's only because these webcams are old. I really don't want to buy another usb webcam...

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4 years ago
I've tryed examples and they also don't work.
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