nsAccessibilityService notification methods can operate on cached document accessible




6 years ago
10 months ago


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10 months ago
the point of the bug is nsAccessibilityService uses DocManager::GetDocAccessible(), which may create a document accessible, however at that point all documents must be created already. Here's a relevant part of bug 814836:

> > > why not just do aPresShell->GetDocAccessible() we know the pres shell is non
> > > null so we don't need the branching in that method.
> > 
> > technically they have a difference. I think I'd like to keep notifications
> > the same way, i.e. they are allowed to trigger document creation.
> they could in theory sure, but is it actually possible? if doc existed
> before a11y starts then code in ApplicationAccessible::CacheChildren()
> should create it otherwise normal doc creation logic should no?

p3 to keep it on track, it's something worth to figure out
Priority: -- → P3
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