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Modify sqlite database pragmas to possibly improve performance


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We currently use our subclass of SQLiteOpenHelper.onOpen to tweak some sqlite pragmas, originally done in bug 721320.

Some notes:
1. We treat the "PRAGMA synchronous" as mutually exclusive with support for enableWriteAheadLogging, but sqlite doesn't. We should always set "PRAGMA synchronous". Desktop Firefox also does this.
2. tabs.db is not a long-lived durable DB. We refresh the entire DB every time we update it. I think we can get away with less safety and get better performance. The patch uses "PRAGMA synchronous=OFF" and "PRAGMA read_uncommitted=true" to get better performance.

I think we should consider using "PRAGMA read_uncommitted=true" for browser.db too, but we need some testing first.

PRAGMA details here:

Note: For the Gecko sqlite usage, we use "PRAGMA synchronous=OFF" for all DB access:
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I don't see any problems with this, but wondering why you set the read_uncommitted pragma to true. Do you expect that to be significantly faster?
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I'm ready to try this on Nightly. I removed the "read_uncommitted" pragma. I expected some improvement from this, but the Tabs DB is too small to see much difference. No sense in adding it.
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Do we have appropriate telemetry in place to track if this helps?
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