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Certificate Viewer Window Is Too Tall


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Windows XP



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1280x720 screen

When I view a particular certificate, the Certificate Viewer window is too tall.  The top of the window extends beyond the top of my monitor screen with just enough of a sliver of the title bar for me to grab and lower.  At the same time, the bottom of the window extends beyond the bottom of my monitor screen, making the buttons at the bottom unreachable.  

Despite the closure of bug #108056, the window still cannot be resized.  While I can drag the window lower, I cannot drag it higher.  

I see this problem with certificates both on the Servers tab and the Authorities tab.  (I have no certificates on the other tabs.)  

Because my eyes are more than 70 years old, I set my Windows properties for large type and my SeaMonkey preferences for default fonts at 16 with a minimum of 10.
Similar problem here: (Linux related).
Attaching patch which makes window less tall and allows to resize its content.
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Make certificate viewer window resizable patch v1

This works well for making the initial window size smaller, however it doesn't actually make the window resizable. I assume here that your window manager is giving you resizability for free, but I'm testing this on Windows (which is also what the reporter was using)...

>   <tree id="treesetDump" onselect="updateCertDump();"
>-        hidecolumnpicker="true" style="height: 8em;">
>+        hidecolumnpicker="true" flex="1" style="height: 5em">
>     <treecols>
>       <treecol id="dumpCol" flex="1" primary="true" hideheader="true"/>
>     </treecols>
>   </tree>
>   <label class="header" value="&certmgr.details.label;"/>
>-  <tree id="prettyDumpTree" style="height: 15em" treelines="true"
>+  <tree id="prettyDumpTree" flex="2" style="height: 9em" treelines="true"
>             onselect="displaySelected();" hidecolumnpicker="true">
As you're changing these, please switch them to using rows=N instead of a height style. (Bonus points for making rows the same multiple of each tree's flex.)

>-      <treecol flex="1" id="certDataCol" primary="true" hideheader="true"/>
>+      <treecol flex="2" id="certDataCol" primary="true" hideheader="true"/>
You don't need to change this.

>-  <textbox id="certDumpVal"  multiline="true" rows="8"
>+  <textbox id="certDumpVal" multiline="true" rows="7"
Just wanted to check that you decided you didn't want the textbox to be flexible?
See Also: → 987094
Duplicate of this bug: 712723
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Duplicate of this bug: 1201060
This makes the certificate viewer able to shrink itself down a bit on small
screen sizes. Without this patch, the "Close" button would be off the screen on
small resolutions like 1024x768. On larger screen sizes, this patch should have
no effect on the initial size of the certificate viewer window (although it now
can be made smaller manually).

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Re: comment #7

Making the window "more flexible" is NOT the solution.  The window must be resizable.
(In reply to David Keeler [:keeler] (use needinfo?) from comment #9)
> It is.

Sorry - that was unclear. I meant that the window is already resizable, but using min-height makes it so you can't make it smaller. Converting min-height to just height as the patch does will make it so you can make it smaller (if you don't believe me, build Firefox with the patch, set your resolution to something tiny, and give it a try).
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bug 826783 - make certificate viewer more flexible about its minimum size
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make certificate viewer more flexible about its minimum size r=mgoodwin
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