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nsIZipWriter should split files larger than 4GB


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Steps to reproduce:

TEBE users with very large mail archives have found that files created by nsIZipWriter that are larger than 4GB are invalid. The maximum size for standard zip files is 4GB. nsIZipWriter needs to be aware of the archive size and split files that are larger than 4Gb, or provide options to do so. Likewise, nsIZipReader needs to be able to read such files.

Actual results:

The generated zip files greater than 4GB were unreadable by other zip handlers.

Expected results:

Output should have been split automatically or an exception thrown. Authors need facilities to allow zip files to be split when required.
Version: 17 Branch → Trunk
I don't think this is a feature we want to support in the product. As long as our zipreader can read the files produced by our writer, that is sufficient.
Closed: 8 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
To clarify, it writes invalid files over 4GB. Data appears to be written out of bounds so it can't read it's own files and does need fixing one way or the other.
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